About the Blog

“The World is our own creation;

Each has his masterpiece”.

At the first glance on the blog and its name, there are three questions that arise immediately: Why “X”? Why “Worlds”? Why “3D”?

Thus allow me to describe the idea and scope of the blog by answering these simple questions:

WHY “X”?


X stands for “eXchange” – the global internship programme of the international NGO AIESEC that provides the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, information technology, education, and development. Each year AIESEC realizes about 5500 internships in more than 100 countries of the World through this programme.

“eXchange” also represents an essential part of the AIESEC eXPerience – the unique learning process a member of the organization goes through in order to explore and develop his / her leadership potential.

AIESEC Experience

The whole period of my work in AIESEC is closely related to the “eXchange” programme. Right after a month of Induction I was allocated to the eXchange Department in the organizational committee in the city Chisinau, Moldova. In about half a year I was already representing “eXchange” in AIESEC Moldova at the 59th International Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Some months later, in winter 2008, I got elected for the position of Vice-president of the “eXchange” programme within the first national executive board of AIESEC Moldova. And in spring 2008 I became one of the successful applicants and members of the global virtual support team of AIESEC International that manages international policies and standards of the programme – the eXchange Quality Board (XQB).

XQB 08-09 Logo

Now it is the beginning of June 2009. I have finished my term in AIESEC Moldova and have already “passed the flame” to my successor here. In several months my membership in the eXchange Quality Board will also come to an end.


However, this does not mean I am no longer connected to “eXchange”. While writing these words I am in process of organizing my own internship through the programme, so quite soon I will obtain an incredible international experience that I would like to share by using this blog. In addition, there is a probability that I would get another X-related job. Therefore, there will be a lot of things about X to share from my side.



Although the “eXchange” programme covers only one world – the Earth, that is, each internship experience within it can be described as a small distinctive and unique world by itself: new environment, people, culture, traditions, places of interest, job, and many more new things. Thus, “eXchange” simply cannot be described in some common words and phrases – it is some sort of a small universe comprising a multitude of different worlds.

This blog serves to reveal some of them, starting from my own ones that include my home country and places abroad that I would visit during my eXchange stage of the AIESEC eXPerience.

In addition, I welcome everyone, who had had an amazing internship, to share his / her own X World on the blog. Please visit “Share Your X World!” to see how to do it.

WHY “3D”?

3D represents the motto of the blog: “Do… Discover… Develop…”. From my personal point of view these three words reflect the key purposes and benefits for a person participating in the “eXchange” programme.

Do… – You really DO your internship in a foreign country: you work for a company, NGO or an international project; have a defined job description that you are able to see when choosing the internship place; receive salary or accommodation and meal covered, etc. Plus, you have the opportunity to be involved in the activities of the AIESEC host committee, for instance, organization of a conference, delivering several trainings for committee members and so on. All this allows you to establish many business and personal contacts with organizations and people in other countries that can be used in the future.

Discover… – In an internship you experience an intense cultural diversity. You discover another country with its history, landscapes, cities, people, culture, traditions, language, etc. There are more than 100 countries within the “eXchange” programme to choose from, each one with its unique zest for you to discover. Host committee of AIESEC in each of them offers you sightseeing tours and cultural events to support this.

Develop… – As an essential element of the AIESEC eXPerience, “eXchange” contributes to delivering the overall impact of AIESEC: to enable young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. Truly, internship provides you with intense development of personal and professional knowledge and skills in the filed of your interest, as well as of cultural adaptability and general knowledge about the World.

In this blog I will use the above-mentioned key words to describe my internship experience and the one of other people, thus once again proving the many-sided nature of “eXchange”.


The X Worlds 3D - Logo


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