Share Your X World!

Do YOU want to present your “eXchange” story?

Do YOU wish to display your wonderful internship experience?

Do YOU desire to share YOUR X WORLD?


Share Your X World!


If the answer to at least one of these questions is “YES!”, then send a message with a short story about your internship experience through the “eXchange” programme to


When writing the story, please apply the following requirements:

1) Structure:

Make it in the 3D-structure (Do, Discover, Develop):

– Do: What did you do in the internship? What were your position and job description? What were the organization’s / project’s name and profile? What was your involvement in the host committee of AIESEC there?

– Discover: What interesting facts about the country of internship did you discover for yourself? What places of interest did you visit? What AIESEC events did you attend during the internship period?

– Develop: What personal and professional knowledge and skills did you succeed to develop? What new skills did you obtain? Was the internship useful for your leadership development? How do you plan to use the obtained internship experience in your future career and life in general?

2) Text:

Send your story in a Word document (doc / docx / rtf) with text format: Arial, 12 pts, single interval.

3) Images / Photos:

You can send up to 4 photos. It is recommended these photos to be aligned to the above-mentioned 3D-structure.

4) Video:

The story can be sent in a form of a video, or a video can be attached to support the text. If you decide to do it, please include the link to the respective video in YouTube in the document of your story.




Share Your X World!


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