This video is a special message dedicated to AIESEC Balti and all people who contributed to its establishment, development, and growth (in Russian):

Below you can see the translation of the message in English:

Hey, AIESEC Balti! Hello, my dear friends!

Greetings from Copenhagen, the beautiful and interesting capital of Denmark.

On the 5th of September you celebrate 2 years of active development of AIESEC Balti. Still, the whole story reaches beyond this period, covering the appearance of the AIESEC Balti idea, various “experiments”, both successful and not so, etc. In the end, all this has resulted in what you see today – the registered and functional local committee in the city of Balti.

And in the basis of all changes and developments have been and are people with certain ideas, wishes, and goals. So, one of the toasts here should be for all actors of this entire play.

In addition, as a person interested in the ethical aspects of individual behaviour and organizational functioning, I am very glad to see the progress of AIESEC Balti in following the AIESEC Way and the Code of Ethics. Of course, there might be some points to be improved, but you and future generations will certainly obtain certain progress here.

So, enough long talks! It is time for wishes and presents!

Well, what can you expect from a young scientist like me? Of course, it is the FORMULA! Here is my gift, my wish to you:

Thus, I wish that AIESEC Balti develops according to our most ambitious vision, wishes, and goals, and these wishes and vision are aligned to the conventional ethical principles and all elements of the AIESEC Way.