Nowadays an interesting initiative by AIESEC Moldova is available for young people from the Republic of Moldova to benefit from. It is called “Globex” that stands for the global exchange programme.




Started from several ideas in 2008 “Globex” represents the promotion campaign of the “eXchange” opportunity aligned to the specifics of the national market of Moldova. In fact, it promotes the so-called on-going recruitment of people to apply and go on internship at any time of year. Previously it was possible to apply for “eXchange” only during the official recruitment periods of AIESEC Moldova: in spring (February – March) and autumn (October – November). At present, by using “Globex” the organization is able to accept applications and provide young people with the chosen internship experience in any month of a year and all year long. Thus, the applicant should no longer receive such reply: “The recruitment period is over. Please apply next time in spring / autumn”. Instead he / she is invited to the interview, participates at the cultural preparation seminar, chooses the most suitable internship offer and gets the desired international experience.

In addition, “Globex” indicates the global character of “eXchange”: a person can go to any of the 106 countries, where an AIESEC committee is present. And that can be done not only once, but twice, three times… one is able to get as much internships as possible within a three-years-limited period of being the “eXchange” participant – this is became possible in 2009 according to the latest updates in the International eXchange Policies and Quality Standards. Thus a person is able to visit many countries, have jobs in different areas, meet people of diverse cultures – in other words, have the real global experience!

To sum up, “Globex” keeps the standards and requirements of the “eXchange” programme of AIESEC and spices it with the continuity and clear promotion message for the external market.

Yes, it’s EXCHANGE… and it’s GLOBAL!


Tu vorbesti GLOBEX'eza?


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