Luxury is not for All– WOW! Look at that Lamborghini! And another one! And there’s Rolls-Royce! Oh my God! How can people live like this?! In all this luxury?! I really need to start earning lots of money and move in here!

These were some of the exclamations of my friend, an entrepreneur from Moldova, who had walked beside me along the streets of Monte Carlo, a small district of a not much bigger country of Monaco. Together with several more young businessmen from Moldova we visited it in May – June 2013 in order to attend a European conference and participate in a social business plan competition with our global movement of makers creating and multiplying sustainable solutions Dreamups. Ultimately we won the grand prize, but this is not the point of this post.

2013.06.01 - Moldovan Delegation in Monte CarloThe point here is that almost all people around me were extremely excited about all the splendour and wealth of Monte Carlo. They were following each fancy car on the road and yacht at the sea with large hungry eyes. They were dreaming of getting at least a piece of this splendour for themselves.

But not me.

Of course, I was observing all the rich businessmen, ladies in expensive dresses, luxury cars, fancy shops, castle-like villas and other elements of wealthy lifestyle around me. However, I was not attracted and excited by them. Instead I was making fun of some of my friends getting envy of all the rich things and people they had seen there. This was because I have different values, attitude to life and perception of wellbeing and personal happiness.

For me the Nature, being together with it and researching its mysteries is the apogee of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore instead of lingering my eyesight on man-made objects, like my companions did, I admired the diverse species of plants and animals in many green areas of Monte Carlo, the rocky top of Mont Agel above the city and the blue Mediterranean Sea washing the shore called the French Riviera or Cote D’Azur. From this point of view the district appeared as quite a nice place to spend some time – the natural landscape was very impressive. Although I would not like to live here permanently, I was quite happy that I had visited this place.

2013.05.29 - Happy to Visit Monte Carlo– What?! You would not like to live in Monte Carlo?! Are you crazy? – You may exclaim.

Well, yes. I may be considered “crazy”, but my personal preference for a residential environment is totally different from such a rich and fancy place as Monte Carlo. I see myself living and working in more natural surroundings: in a small house near a forest, in a research laboratory on an island at the shore of an ocean… or even in a lab at the bottom of the ocean. Why?

Because this is where I can explore the beauty and wisdom of the Nature.

Because this is where I am closer to the natural environment and can contribute much better to its conservation.

Because this is where I can fully release my creativity and write poems and novels in silence and peace.

Because this is where I am truly happy.

This is Where I am Truly HappyTo conclude, luxury can be attractive and desired. It can be the measure of an individual’s social status and satisfaction. It can be something that many people strive to obtain and enjoy. However, everything is relative in our World.

And so, luxury is not for all.