The Science of AIESEC Continued


In the post “THE SCIENCE OF AIESEC” it was written about the third scientific article with the description of AIESEC and the “eXchange” programme to be published in summer 2009. And here comes the update: this article called “Entrepreneurial Preparation for Young IT Specialists in Moldova” is published and available for anyone to read in the book “Promotion of the Information and Communication Technologies in Education”.


Promovarea TIC in Educatie


In order to inform you of its contents, here is the abstract of the work:

“The article displays the challenge of lacking business preparation for IT students in the Republic of Moldova. As a solution the project “OPEN i” is described: general overview, goals, main stages and actions, impact, etc. In the end the list of actions to establish the entrepreneurial preparation for young IT specialists in the country is presented”.

The article “Entrepreneurial Preparation for Young IT Specialists in Moldova” has been added to the Library of the X Worlds, so that you could download and read it (available only for AIESEC members registered on

Thus, there are three scientific articles about AIESEC published so far. But I suppose it is too early to put a “point” here. Therefore, the concluding phrase of this post is:


To Be Continued





The Science of AIESEC


“Entrepreneurial Preparation for Young IT Specialists in Moldova” – this is the name of the third scientific article of the AIESEC Moldova members, where the “eXchange” programme is indicated. The article displays the challenge of inadequate business preparation for IT students and describes the international project “OPEN i” as a solution here. It is written by the consortium of authors: Alexander Iscenco (that’s me) representing the Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics; Ilie Dercaci as the president of the organizing committee (OC) of the project; Iulian Gulea, Tudor Tarlev, Elena Rurac – members of this organizing committee. The article is going to be presented at the scientific conference on the topic “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” of the State Institute of Continuous Education on 26th – 27th of June, 2009.


Stating that the above-mentioned article is the third one, I mean there are already two scientific publications about AIESEC and “eXchange” released.

The first one was presented at the First International Scientific Conference of Young Researchers in Moldova on the 27th of June, 2008.


Conference of Young Researchers


Its name – “New Opportunities for Moldovan Youth in Conditions of the European Integration” – indicates that the article reveals the advantages of the European integration for a country regarding the situation of its youth. The “eXchange” programme of AIESEC is mentioned here as an example of the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the European companies and organizations. The data on available and realized internships in the EU member countries in 2008 is presented. The article was published in the anthology of the conference publications in winter 2008.

The second article is dedicated to the international IT project of AIESEC MoldovaOPEN i”, as the third one already mentioned here. It was written with the scope to present the idea and concept of the project at the large-scale international scientific conference “ICT+ 2009: Information and Communication Technologies” that took place on the 18th – 21st of May, 2009. The event was organized by the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova and dedicated to the World IT Week.


ICT+ 2009 - Presentation


The article is called “Opening the IT Business to the Moldovan Youth: Problems and Solutions” and tells the reader about the challenge of linking IT business and young specialists working in the respective field. The project “OPEN i” is given as an example of a system of actions aimed to solve the existing problems and overcome the challenge. There is a detailed description of the project implementation process with vision, mission, objectives and analysis of its impact on the development of IT business in the Republic of Moldova. The article is published in the book “Proceedings of the International Conference “Information and Communication Technologies 2009”. 1st Edition” in May 2009.

Both articles are available in the Library of the X Worlds.


The Science of AIESEC


In conclusion, AIESEC with its “eXchange” programme definitely succeeds in delivering positive impact in society, which allows writing scientific articles about it. I hope these three works are only the beginning of a fruitful collaboration of Science and AIESEC in various domains. And I intend to contribute to it further on.